Sensor | WHYTE
Sensor Series

Sensor | WHYTE

  • Range of Motion Detectors, Temperature & Humidity, Class Break Sensors, Smoke Detectors and Movement Detectors.
  • Decide devices to start or stop when you come home.
  • Automatically save electricity by turning off things for non-occupied areas, you decide the time.
  • Security at its best, let the Whyte system know you are away from home and the system will let you know whenever any human motion is detected.
  • Get the fire alarms, Class Breakage direct to your phone(s).
  • Know when a door is open or close.
  • Keep temperature and humidity in check with climate control.
  • The sensors are integrated into one package and come with an onboard power supply, so can be integrated with live cables, no special wiring is needed.

Motion Detector

Humidity & Temperature

Smoke Detector

Movement Detector

Glass Break Detector

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