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Terms Of Use

Terms of use
Thanks for choosing Whyte Smart Living. These are our terms and conditions for use of the Whyte Smart Home System/Skill, which you may access in several ways, including but not limited to mobile applications but amazon alexa and home hub screen provided along with the solution.
User must provide a working and permanent cell number which is subject to verification from our system and that will be the basis of the user account, along with the user name the application for enrolment contains the Full name, address and email address of the user signing up for the system. This information must be accurate and permanent for at least a year. The mobile applications can be downloaded from the app store and play store.
Disable or Terminate Accounts
If you no longer wish to continue using the system, you may wish to terminate your account. Accounts will be terminated only upon request by the user, request has to be made to the email address sales@whyte.co.in in the mentioned case, and in case of security breach by the user. Whyte Automations Pvt. Ltd. Will then terminate your account within 7 working days and the content will be given to you by email and shall be destroyed from our servers.
Owner of the Content
Content of the application i.e. structural information of premises and user account details provided by the user is owned by Whyte.
Changes to the agreement
Users should be informed about upcoming changes to the agreement before the changes are applied through mail and by a notification on the application.
Warranty Violation and Smart Lock Detail
The product package contains electrical systems and physical objects, the warranty will void in case of physical damage, water pouring and shock damage.


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